A selection of ABUS cranes at PEGAS GONDA, a manufacturer of metal saws in the Czech Republic

If you would like to see the complete ABUS product range in operation you might like to visit the production of the company PEGAS GONDA (www.pegas-gonda.cz) in the Czech Republic. PEGAS GONDA is a family-run business founded in 1991 producing band saw machines. With growing business expertise PEGAS GONDA matured into the market leader in the areas of development, production, and sales of metal band saws and circular blade saws, of roller tables and chip extractors as well as of accessories for band saw machines. Such an extensive product range makes it a matter of course for engineer Mr Josef Gonda to also have a high quality system at his disposal when it comes to lifting and transporting goods.

Transport of goods was carried out by means of a lift truck when the company was first founded in 1991. Then when the semi-automatic band saw of PEGAS GONDA’s own design was developed and subsequently serial production began a first jib crane was employed—it was a pillar jib crane of the VS type equipped with a chain hoist. A further milestone in the company’s history took place in 2003 when PEGAS GONDA moved into much larger premises. Expansion into export markets followed as did the further development of the company, a substantial enlargement of the production capacity and finally yet another move into still larger buildings. This in turn required precise planning of the production and material flow processes in the new as well as in the existing plants.

The company ITECO (www.iteco.cz) being the ABUS agent in the Czech Republic got involved in the project planning for the new premises as well as the operation of the individual workstations in order to achieve the optimal placement of cranes above the machinery and the assembly lines as well as to optimise the operation of the workstations. A single girder crane of the ELV type with a load capacity of 5 tonnes and a span of 8.36 metres was installed for the material transport. In the mounting and welding areas this crane was then joined by three jib cranes with SWLs between 2 and 5 tonnes and jib arm lengths of up to 5.5 metres. In 2009 the production was further extended in the form of a new assembly hall. ABUS cranes are in operation here also: Two double girder cranes with load capacities of 16 and 32 tonnes respectively and spans of 17.6 metres each ensure the continuity of the assembly. The end of 2013 saw another two identical ELV cranes with SWLs of 5 tonnes and one ELK single girder crane with a higher lifting capacity of 10 tonnes being installed in the welding shop. These cranes all have spans of 17.8 metres and transport the work pieces to the newly established welding stations.

PEGAS GONDA decided on the ABUS HB system for the assembly plant for saws. The installed EHB single girder crane system is characterised by low dead weight and wide suspension spacing. This HB system lives in one of the oldest plants that is going to see extension in the near future which will be easily feasible thanks to the flexibility and the modularity of the HB system.

ITECO’s service team make sure that all cranes remain operative by inspecting, servicing, and maintaining them regularly so that major production interruptions will be prevented. A general overhaul has been carried out on the jib crane longest in operation.

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