ABUS Kraansystemen BV at the STAJA BV site in Hengelo (Netherlands)

STAJA is a Dutch steel construction company specialising in construction works and mass welding for the international sales markets. Staja is not only supplying customers in Western European countries but also has customers in Canada and Japan.
STAJA (www.staja.nl) have split their activities into three independent sections: concrete armouring, construction, and machine building. The product range includes steel moulds for the concrete as well as the plastics industries on the one hand and complete agricultural machinery such as KAWECO and TopLiftStaja and drilling units and all terrain vehicles such as EurekaStaja on the other hand. They even build complete dredgers.

The company was founded in 1976 in a building of a mere 120 square metres behind the farm of the family Stapelbroek in the Dutch community of Zelhem. They mainly carried out mass welding works here. However, increasing order volumes and new customers soon exceeded the space available and so, in 1986, the company had to move to an—as then—unfinished new building in the industrial site of de Molenenk at Hengelo, in the province of Gelderland. It was to this factory building of STAJA that the first ABUS EOT cranes (still painted in green at that time!) were delivered. These EOT cranes were used during welding and installation works of the products in the process of being built. However, further increased growth meant that this factory soon required to be extended. Up to the year 2000 a total of eleven ABUS EOT cranes were delivered and installed.

STAJA est une entreprise de construction métallique spécialisée dans les travaux de construction et de soudage en série pour un marché international Pont roulant ABUS dans une usine de la province de Gelderland véhicules paysagers finis de la société STAJA fabriqués à l'aide des grues ABUS Pont roulant, pont roulant pivotant et pont roulant mural au travail de soudage en série dans l'entreprise STAJA Les grues transportent une charge vers un point de soudage Le palan à chaîne ABUS est utilisé pour la construction d'une machine agricole de la société KAWECO

Theo Stapelbroek, the business director of STAJA, has the motto that “if you want to do good business you need top-of-the-range products, you cannot do things by halves”. And this is exactly where ABUS Kraansystemen, the Dutch daughter company of ABUS Kransysteme GmbH, comes in. ABUS Kraansystemen BV have proven themselves so well that they received yet another order for about 20 crane systems for the new factory building in 2012. These crane systems included ten single-girder wall travelling cranes EKL with load capacities of 2 tons and ten EOT cranes with load capacities between 3.2 and ten tones. The ABUS single girder console travelling cranes move on their own level below the bigger cranes. This makes them the ideal work station crane for several work stations within the production line. A decisive factor for choosing ABUS cranes was their reliability and compact design in particular for the ABUS console travelling cranes. According to Theo Stapelbroek all crane models fulfil the requirements as to design and technology.

ABUS: a one-stop service
ABUS Kraansystemen not only delivers and installs all factory cranes but also carries out the annual service including the required checks and maintenance for all hoists delivered. Regular inspections and maintenance of the crane systems considerably reduce the risk of potential accidents and help to avoid the production process to come to a costly standstill. The staff of ABUS Kraansystemen are very committed and are available 24/7. Thus their customers may always rely on the optimal availability of the crane systems.

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